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Impossible is an Opinion

ALS Mechatronic are equally happy delivering single machine solutions and control system retrofits as we are designing and delivering the industry’s largest Alpine conveyor and turnkey solutions, comprising end-to-end machinery and control automation to support our customers’ exacting requirements.
As ‘solutioneers’, ALS have been responsible for advancing the capabilities and productivity across an array of industries; delivering innovative, cost effective solutions to our customers’ unique challenges.  Examples of this include:

Fully Automated Milk Container Handling (UK)

We developed a completely hands-free system and negated the need for driving pallets around by truck at this facility. Plastic milk containers of varying sizes are blow moulded before our conveyors move bottles through leak detection and vision inspection processes. The bottles are then conveyed upstairs to a second storey packaging facility, where bottles are bagged in hygienically sealed pallet size bags using fully automatic bagging machines. The bags are then sent down a half mile trunk line of roller conveyor to the fillers in the dairy. However, bags will pass by robot stackers, which using bar-code scanning, will pick and and place on to trolleys for storage, products not needed immediately in the dairy.

Meat Pie Delivery (USA)

Automating the loading of meat pies onto baking trays was a process the customer desperately needed, to remove the need for manual handling. ALS developed a conveyor system with a servo controlled sliding mechanism that dropped pies onto baking trays in lines of 4. The trays were then indexed after each delivery, ready for the next row.

Paper Mill Automation (UK)

ALS Mechatronic have designed and installed an automatic roller conveyor with turntable and dual infeed at this paper mill. The conveyor transits pallets of pre-sliced paper rolls through to the shrink wrapping station and then onwards ready for shipping. This is an integral phase of the mill’s streamlining project, that will enable them to increase throughput, mitigate double handling of the product and speed the fulfilment of orders.

Incineration (UK)

While in the process of commissioning a factory control system for animal incineration ALS were asked to engineer and build a screw delivery system and shredding machine on the infeed to the incinerator. We were able to deliver exactly what the customer needed, rather than a costlier off-the-shelf system that was almost right.

Crate Washing, Closing & Stacking (South Africa)

This complete turnkey solution washes, rinses, sanitises, closes, stacks and dries crates used in the supply of fresh produce. Our partners Directech delivered the solution, from concept and design, through to manufacturing and installation, all in less than 12 weeks.

Dairy Industry Largest Alpine Conveyor (USA)

The Alpine Conveyor at full capacity can hold roughly 10,000 bottles. The Alpine will enable a rate of 250 jugs per minute at the bottling facility. The system can run cohesively for 40 minutes with damage free bottles.  In the event the blow molders are stopped, the Alpine can run for 30 minutes flat-out to the filler, without ever needing to debag and add bottles into the system.

Plastic container handling for country’s largest food and dairy producer (Qatar)

We developed the dairy and juice packing lines for Qatar’s largest locally-owned food and dairy producer, which supplies over 95% of the country’s fresh dairy products. Following the blow moulding process, our conveyors move bottles through labelling machines before high-speed diverters separate bottles into lanes to feed two separate semi-automatic bagging machines, for bagging in hygienically sealed bags before being stacked on pallets.

Cereal and Malt Automated Processing – Germination Box (South Africa)

Directech also conceptualized, designed, manufactured and installed the mechanical components and control system to automate the processing of cereal and malt.

Tortilla Handling Machines

Tortilla Handling (UK)

Through additional automation, 4 packers have been eliminated from the process. Tortillas travel by belt conveyors for packing, previously this was to hand stacking stations. ALS designed the control system for the machinery which instead, stacked the tortillas in piles of 6 and then conveyed them straight into a wrapping machine via a vision inspection system to size and quality check.

Vehicle Conveyor (South Africa)

This industrial slat conveyor was developed for a well-known automotive manufacturer to transport complete vehicles through a water tightness test system.

Automated Automotive Assembly Line Delivery (South Africa)

A shooter system for the automated delivery of automotive components to the assembly line in sequence and on time.

Design Services and Software

Projects are underpinned by our experienced team of 3D mechanical design and electrical systems design engineers. For turnkey and the more complex assignments, we can produce automation animations to help you and your colleagues visualise your investment for added reassurance.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to our design services to ensure seamless integration of your automation control and mechanical components. Our mechanical design process is 3D by default to ensure there are no hidden surprises for you (or us!) when it comes to build and installation.

At ALS Mechatronic, research and development is continuous as we strive to offer the latest technology for our clients’ automation needs. If there is a specialist piece of machinery you require; or existing machinery that requires additional or updated control systems; or perhaps, processes you need innovative ways to automate, our talented team can create new concepts and model them, before bringing them to life.

We work with a network of trusted technology suppliers including; Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Eplan, Autodesk, SMC Pneumatics and Flexlink, that we couple with our extensive design skills and project management capabilities to ensure each project we deliver, exceeds our customers’ expectations.

If you’re frustrated by other suppliers telling you it simply can’t be done or cost-prohibitive, then please get in touch. If you can imagine it, chances are we can automate it and at the right price!


ALS Mechatronic are responsible for advancing the capabilities and productivity of many worldwide customers delivering solutions where others have said it’s impossible.

ALS are equally happy delivering single machine solutions and control system retrofits as we are designing and delivering, the industry’s largest Alpine conveyor and turnkey solutions comprising; end-to-end machinery and control automation which support our customers’ exacting requirements.

Maintenance and Support

It is as important to us as it is to you, that your investments remain efficient so naturally we offer timely systems updates, fixes and servicing and; our promise, that no matter how challenging an issue, we’ll sort it!

What’s more our clever use of web cam and VPN technology, enables swift issues resolution, wherever you or we are in the world!

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