Bespoke Factory Automation & Control Systems

What We Do.

ALS Mechatronic are trusted suppliers of innovative mechatronic engineering solutions which include state-of-the-art manufacturing process and packaging machinery, robotics, conveyors and vision inspection equipment which help advance the processes and capabilities of our worldwide customer base, increasing their efficiency, quality and bottom line.  We specialise in small control system projects through to ground-breaking innovations and complete turnkey systems, often delivering solutions where others simply can’t.
We are Solutioneers™
Industrial automation

Bespoke Automation

As ‘solutioneers’, our job is to address customers’ unique process challenges – and we’ve not been beaten yet! We have helped advance the capabilities and productivity of many worldwide customers delivering solutions where others simply can’t.

Container Handling

We design, manufacture and install rigid container handling (HDPE, PET and PP) systems which include automatic bagging and debagging machines, conveyors, robots, palletizers, stackers, pallet wrappers, tray erectors, case erectors, box liners, vision inspection and trolley loaders.

Control Systems

Our vast control systems capabilities range from small single drive control boxes to large-scale plant control / SCADA systems – we can even engineer to enable control and performance updates to your mobile device or machinery start-ups ahead of schedule.

Vision Inspection

Vision Inspection

From basic ‘vision sensors’ to 1000 parts-per-minute measuring and inspection systems and barcode scanners. Our VCS10 system is an integral process for many of our rigid container manufacturers for fast identification of container faults and/or contamination.

Robotics by ALS Mechatronics


As a robotics integrator, ALS produce advanced automation systems that deliver greater productivity and reduce labour costs, while streamlining increasingly complex and growing manufacturing organisations.  High-speed picking, placing, handling, stacking.

Conveyors by ALS Controls


Any size, any application for any industry, either stand alone or part of a larger automation project. We can do rope, cable, slat top, belt, roller, eagle rope, mat-top chain, stainless steel for wash-down and many others – all manufactured to the highest standards.

Impossible is an Opinion

“Our customers choose us because we’re not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. We love it when we hear ‘it can’t be done’ because, invariably we can make it happen!”

Industry Sectors.

Since 2002, we have been trusted by our customers time and again, to help get them a good night’s sleep by solving the problems that are keeping them awake at night. Operating across a wide variety of industry sectors, we like nothing more than a new challenge to solve.


Container handling for dairies have become a bit of a specialist area for us. We’ve produced probably the world’s largest alpine conveyor in this industry.


We’re increasing efficiencies in the supplies of medicines, beauty and personal care products, chemicals and oil and homecare products.


Cardboard box assembly, crate washing, closing and stacking. Bagging and debagging, conveying, palletizers, stackers and trolley loaders.

Food and Beverage

Bespoke automation solutions in the supply chains of sauces, alcohol, canned goods, sodas, water, pies, cakes, juices, cookies and fresh produce.

Waste to Energy

Control systems and software for waste to energy and biofuel processes including anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis / gasification.


Control systems and software for thermal treatment processes required at hospitals for clinical waste and for animal waste products.

Air Filtration

PLC Control systems for hot gas filtration systems and high temperature ceramic air filters with remote operation for site engineers and reporting via SMS/email.

Rigid Containers

Handling of all plastic /rigid containers including HDPE, PET and PP container types, styles and sizes. Control system retrofits for injection and blow molding machinery.


Bespoke automated solutions for processing cereals, germination control, paper and grain mills, wind farms, agriculture and industrial laundry.

Our Partners.

ALS Mechatronic are reliant on great partnerships with the industry’s leading technology suppliers. We won’t accept anything short of excellence – we have to be assured that the tools, parts and services we utilise for our customers’ projects are of the highest standard possible at a sensible price.