Container Handling

Milk Production Line
ALS Mechatronic manufacture a large and varied range of fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual bagging and debagging machines, state of the art conveying, palletizers, stackers and trolley loaders – suitable for a wide array of HDPE, PET and PP container types, styles and sizes.

All ALS machinery is built to globally recognised safety standards specifications using the latest technology from Rockwell Automation or Siemens depending on customer preference.

Key features and benefits across our range:
  • HDPE, PET and PP containers management
  • Small footprint compared to industry standard
  • Can be fully flexible to run multiple products with simple changeovers
  • Fully compliant with latest safety standards
  • Built using modern parts, readily available worldwide
  • Highly intuitive fault finding displays, down to sensor level
  • Built in web-cams and remote control-system-access
  • Options to suit all budget and requirements – from high speed production through to support for low outputs


Fully Automatic bagger with robot trolley loader


Whether the requirement is for straight forward 2 position pick and place or for a more sophisticated, robotic arm stacking system to enable greater flexibility and control; ALS can deliver the right solution to fit need and budget.

Stackers can add layer/slip sheets to each bag or just on certain levels depending on preference. These are often an important addition when packed containers are ultra-lightweight or when extra rigidity is required. A typical operating speed for a 3-position stacker is 3 bags per minute with no slip sheets and 1.5 bags per minute with slip sheets. Packs can be stacked to any height, up to 3 metres.

For easy transportation and/or storage, ALS have designed a novel, collapsible trolley system. We are happy to provide the full trolley design specifications free of charge to our customers, for production by their own local fabricators, who can invariably deliver this at the best possible price.



The Belt Accumulation Debagger is a high-speed method of introducing bagged bottles into your conveyor system. The Mat-top Conveyor will continuously introduce bottles to the filler while the operator is removing another bag. The optional “hot knife” cut off is available to open bags even more rapidly and so further increase your productivity.

On a Semi-automatic Debagger full bags of bottles are loaded on to the end of the machine via a Mat-top Conveyor and the operator cuts the tail end off the bag. The bag is then pulled off the bottles through two rollers.  The bottles are then released from the bag removal area and are driven by the Mat-top Conveyor toward the bottle accelerator. The accelerator sweeps off a single row of bottles at a time on to an exit conveyor and then on to the filler.


The ALS fully and semi automatic Palletisers pack plastic containers onto half or full height pallets up to 1400mm square. The machine loads empty pallets after they have either been automatically loaded via pallet dispenser and optional feed roller conveyor into the hoist area or have been added manually by an operator.

A servo controlled hoist (capable of carrying up to 1,000KG in weight), then loads the pallet into position ready for the first layer of containers. The Palletizer then accumulates containers using a servo-driven pusher-arm and following bar so as to ensure bottles cannot fall over.

The 2 axis are linked together electronically for accurate control and travel at speeds of up to 2 metres per second, enabling high speed product accumulation and transfer onto the pallet.

Light Guard and Laser Safety Scanners create invisible entry barriers to ensure automatic and immediate machine cut off, keeping everyone safe.

Slip Sheets can be placed at each layer on the pallet by an operator or by the optional Automatic Slip Sheet Loader, which includes Top Frame loader as the final layer to complete the frame of the pallet.

Additional options that can be supplied include:

  • Complete roller conveyor to move full pallets out
  • Strappers
  • Wrappers
  • Vision Inspection
ALS Palletizers

Conveyor Systems.

ALS Mechatronic supply a complete line of conveyors to handle all your container conveying needs, including: industry standard stainless steel table-top, wash-down conveyors for filling room applications, rope, cable, slat top, belt, roller, eagle rope, mat-top chain and many others – all manufactured to meet and exceed local safety and regulatory requirements.

We’re also jointly responsible for the industry’s largest and most innovative Alpine conveyor, which has transformed Plains Dairy into one of the most high-tech, ultra-efficient dairies in the United States: Read the case study to find out more.

As the only economical, safe and hygienic method of enabling plastic containers to be moved hundreds of feet, conveyors are the main arteries of any production facility, of which they are not many we haven’t experience of. We can supply conveyors that support accumulation and surge (including vacuum assist to convey up inclines at higher speeds as well as stabilise top-heavy containers) during filling and/or packaging processes. Our use of cable drives with direct drive AC motors are always controlled with a variable speed drive to ensure ultimate flexibility, meaning whatever your conveying need, we’ll almost certainly have a solution to fit.

Rope Conveyor Services
One service that is always of particular interest to clients is our rope conveyor maintenance and renewal service. Our specialist equipment allows us to quickly carry out on-site cable repairs, replacement, re-sheathing and re-splicing.


ALS Mechatronic are responsible for advancing the capabilities and productivity of many worldwide customers delivering solutions where others have said it’s impossible.

ALS are equally happy delivering single machine solutions and control system retrofits as we are designing and delivering, the industry’s largest Alpine conveyor and turnkey solutions comprising; end-to-end machinery and control automation which support our customers’ exacting requirements.

Maintenance and Support

It is as important to us as it is to you, that your investments remain efficient so naturally we offer timely systems updates, fixes and servicing and; our promise, that no matter how challenging an issue, we’ll sort it!

What’s more our clever use of web cam and VPN technology, enables swift issues resolution, wherever you or we are in the world!

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