Vision Inspection

*New* Introducing the Qdc Bench

Vision Inspection Featured
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Vision Inspection Featured
ALS Mechatronic supply a vast selection of state-of-the-art, high-speed vision inspection systems from basic ‘Vision Sensors’ to 1000 parts-per-minute measuring and inspection systems and our barcode scanners ensure correct label-to-product matching every time.

Essential applications include:

• Identification of container faults and/or contamination
• Part presence on product/manufactured goods
• Circuit board inspection
• Component quality and measurement
• Bottle cap in place
• Correct label type and in position

Qdc Bench
Qdc Bench


Quality has never been this clear to see

The Qdc Bench has been designed as a highly intuitive system, users can quickly and easily add new bottle recipes (bottle sizes and their measurement tolerances), calibrate and train the machine without the need for any engineering or external support.

*New* Introducing the Qdc Bench™

The Qdc Bench enables container producers and their customers to proactively fault find and reduce waste, thereby ensuring complete quality control and a great reputation for high quality product.

The Qdc Bench uses state of the art technology including high grade optics and high resolution industrial cameras to capture and record bore and thread dimensions, these are essential periodic checks required during container production and filling process to ensure faults are quickly identified and that quality is assured.

Error is inevitable when you rely on the human eye for measurement.

The Qdc Bench replaces manual processes i.e. operators using a vernier and manually recording results on paper, which potentially introduces translation errors, data loss or results not being stored for future reference. With a lack of traceability, root cause identification becomes problematic, multiple people across multiple shifts may be conducting random quality checks with no standardised method of measurement.

Features and Benefits of the Qdc Bench:
• Material colour can range from clear to opaque and any container size
• Materials can be plastic, glass, or metal
• Measurements include Inner and Outer Bore, Thread, Neck, Neck Step, Bottle Height
• Autonomous and streamlined training and measuring techniques reducing operator error
• Audit trail of all user interaction, designed to strengthen Quality Management System
• Database logging of results for traceability back to machine, date and time
• Measurement accuracy down 0.015 mm
• Industrial grade vision and automation hardware
• Automated self-training for new product setup
• ISO9001:2015 Compliancy

Options include :
• Touchscreen
• Weight checker
• Colour Inspection
• Databasing of all image data


ALS Mechatronic are responsible for advancing the capabilities and productivity of many worldwide customers delivering solutions where others have said it’s impossible.

ALS are equally happy delivering single machine solutions and control system retrofits as we are designing and delivering, the industry’s largest Alpine conveyor and turnkey solutions comprising; end-to-end machinery and control automation which support our customers’ exacting requirements.

Maintenance and Support

It is as important to us as it is to you, that your investments remain efficient so naturally we offer timely systems updates, fixes and servicing and; our promise, that no matter how challenging an issue, we’ll sort it!

What’s more our clever use of web cam and VPN technology, enables swift issues resolution, wherever you or we are in the world!

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